3 Column WordPress Themes – This Time, Good News Comes in Threes

When it comes to blog design, oftentimes, simpler is better. Instead of distracting your readers by throwing in all kinds of fancy formatting and shiny widgets, your readers will appreciate the simple genius of letting the content of your blog posts speak for itself. But it’s usually not enough just to have text on a page; you have to have some sort of layout that helps the reader’s eye to flow down to the rest of your content. You should have links to other places on your blog, such as blog categories and an “About Me” page. 3 column WordPress themes are a great way to provide links to all this information without getting in the way of your content.

3 Column WP Theme

3 column WordPress themes are a convenient approach to simple blogging. You can use one column for the essential information about your blog: “About Me,” the blog categories, blog pages, your blog archives, links to other blogs that you recommend or read. You can also use one column for widgets: the local weather in your area, sports scores, even the hottest celebrity gossip; anything that pertains to your site. And, of course, the last and biggest column is reserved for the blog posts themselves.

While there are many 3 column WordPress themes available for free, you might be looking for something more specific. After all, you don’t want to wind up with the same old blog theme that everyone else and their mother is using, you want to be unique. So, sometimes, it’s worth paying a little money in order to get a blog layout that’s a little farther off the beaten path, a little more customized to your subject matter, or even just a little more customized to your own preferences. These layouts are professionally designed, and worth every penny you will pay for them.

3 Column WordPress Template

Imagine the hassle of hiring an entire web development and graphic design team, just to come up with a simple theme. There are enough 3 column WordPress themes out there for a good enough price that you can just buy the theme you need from someone who’s already designed it. These designers are professionals; their layouts will be easy to navigate, easy to you, and easier on your wallet than you might think. If you want your blog to look professional, as though you’ve invested a lot of time and money into it because you actually know what you’re talking about, then buying a simple WordPress theme is worth the money.

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    o please tell me from where to get, upper image wordpress theme.

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